Vacuum evaporation of salts

This is the way to produce the finest types of salt. They are produced from rock salt derived from mountain ridges. The vacuum evaporated salt stands out with its salty qualities and purity.

Production sizes::

  • In standard bags of 25 kg
  • In big bags

Exceptionally pure, dried vacuum-evaporated salt for best taste and aroma, coming from a UNESCO-protected region in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

The Austrian vacuum-evaporated salt is made from an exceptionally pure product from the mountains of Salzkammergut – Bad Ischl and Halstatt (regions included in the UNESCO list of cultural and natural world heritage). It is produced in a favourable and sustainable environment by natural processes. The production process is fully automated and is one of the most advanced in Europe.

The Austrian vacuum-evaporated salt is consistent with the European requirements and the relevant national standards and regulations. Salt is a main component of the human body and it is vital for its functions, being one of the most important minerals.

The Austrian vacuum-evaporated salt may be used in solutions, mixtures, stirs, preservation, etc. in the food industry.

The use of the Austrian vacuum-evaporated salt guarantees:

  • Excellent taste;
  • Antioxidant effects;
  • Best sustainable quality of the product

Compliance with the high quality standards is further confirmed by the Certificate of Analysis (СоА) issued for each batch.