Big Bags

Flexible polypropylene intermediate bulk containers (big bags) designed for storing and transporting of bulk products (such as food products, agricultural produce, feeds, fertilizers, minerals, etc.). Big bags reduce transportation and storage costs and optimize loading and unloading operations.

Some of the main advantages of the big bags are:

  • Easy to use
  • Very cost-efficient, with low cost per unit of product
  • Durable, very flexible and capable of carrying 1,000 times their own weight
  • Thanks to the available lifting options (1-loop, 2-loop, 4-loop) they make pallets unnecessary
  • Quick and easy filling of bulk products
  • Easy unloading of large quantities
  • Efficient use of space
  • The bags may be supplied in different sizes
  • The intermediate bulk containers may be delivered with different filling / unloading / lifting options.

Big Bag subcategories

According to the lifting options

  • 1-loop
  • 2-loop
  • 4-loop
  • Q-Bag

According to the filling options

  • Open top
  • Flap top
  • Spout top

 According to the unloading method

  • Closed bottom
  • Discharge spout
  • Discharge spout with cover