OK Aristorod 13.08 1 mm

A bare wire with a special coating (ASC), low alloyed with 0.5% Mo.Designed for MIG/MAG welding with creep-resistant steels of similar composition, for containers under pressure and equipment working at temperatures of up to 500°C. It can be used for welding of steel with minimum yield strength of 460 MPA. OK AristoRod 13.08 is treated with ESAB’s Advanced Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC) technology, taking MAG welding operations to new levels of performance and all-round efficiency, expecially in robotic and mechanised welding. Characteristic features include excellent start properties; trouble-free feeding at high wire speeds and lengthy feed distances; a very stable arc at high welding currents; extremely low levels of spatter; low fume emission; reduced contact tip wear and improved protection against corrosion of the wire.