Air Liquide Oerlikon Tenacito 65 R 3.2 mm

Electrodes suitable for critical situations and applications.

Advantages of the product:

  • Very stable arc
  • Sustained and high quality fusion with a very low welding current setting
  • Exceptional wetting event at low current.
  • High flexibility for irregular gap.
  • High metallurgical deposit purity.

Exceptional results with very high quality.

Oerlikon TENACITO 65R is a basic coated MMA electrode for reliable, crack-free and tough welded joints on steel with a yield strength <555 Mpa. The weld metal is of extremely high metallurgical purity, is ageing-resistant, retaining good CVN toughness to -60°C and CTPD tested. Very low hydrogen content. Thanks to the double coating of 3.2 mm, the arc is both stable and concentrated, even at lower welding currents in positional welding, with good gap bridging characteristics. Welds are of X-ray quality. For sour gas applications, the nickel content is restricted to < 1.0% max.