Salt has been a valuable commodity since ancient times. In the past it was as worthy as gold, and for those who lived in the deserts the consumption of salt was vital for their survival.

Polypropylene bags

These are suitable for carrying food in bulk, including grains and cereals, sugar, salt, fruit, vegetables, herbs and other similar products. The bags are imported and of excellent quality!

Шевни машини

Big bags

Flexible polypropylene intermediate bulk containers (big bags) designed for storing and transporting of bulk products.

Шевни машини

Welding wire and electrodes

ESAB is a leading world manufacturer of standard welding equipment, consumables, welding automation, as well as cutting equipment and systems.

Raschel bags / net bags

Orange, red, yellow, purple, with a blue string. They are made of polyethylene and protect from UV light, sunlight, and freezing conditions.

Bag sewing machines and supplies

Sewing machines for sewing polypropylene, paper, polyethylene, and other bags. We offer all kinds of spare parts for the machines.